Is someone missing you?

“Absence diminishes commonplace passions and enhances great ones.”

~ Unknown

When you are away from someone for a long period of time, you will either miss them more or forget about them. This is how you will know if you desire that person or not. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Sometimes it is good to be away from someone you really like so that you can truly know if you want/need that person in your life or not. We don’t realize we have until it is gone.


3 responses to “Is someone missing you?

  1. Everything will be fade away in the wind …just like fallen leaves…life…love …and all. But those who we loved , we will never forget. thier smile,eyes, lips, always come into your mind…Like an amazing movie again and again , and you will never tired to watch…C.

  2. I cant agree with you more!

  3. how can absence from commonplace passions diminish value?

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