Wise words at work

“Women marry men hoping they will change. Men marry women hoping they will not.”

~ Albert Einstein

Considered to be one of the smartest men in the world in the last 200 years, Einstein knew exactly why relationships often fail. The fact is that people don’t change much, especially for someone else and never for someone who asked them to change. Change is the hardest thing for people to do and asking someone to change for you is like asking a lion to stop eating meat. The only thing that changes in people who enter into a relationship are their habits. So, the good things about them become more evident and the bad habits they have become worse.

This is why it is essential for people to really understand all the habits someone has so that they can determine if they are acceptable to them over the long term. One thing to always remember is that people are always their nicest and on their best behavior in the beginning of a friendship/relationship which means you should never completely judge someone in the beginning of a friendship. It takes time to see someone’s habits both good and bad, so take the time to get to know someone as a person and just not as a lover or BF/GF. Remember that “love is blind” and can fool your judgement of someone unless you keep a clear mind at all times.

You can’t change people but you can find someone for your life who will change for you because you inspire them to do so.  This is the key to a happy and fruitful friendship/relationship.


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