One of the many differences between Asians and Westerners?

High Context Cultures (Asians) VS. Low Context Cultures (Westerners)

“High context cultures (Asian) are such cultures that emphasize nonverbal messages and view communication as a means to promote smooth, harmonious relationships; while low context cultures (Western) rely on elaborate verbal explanations and emphasize spoken words. High context cultures are characterized by social trust, personal relationships, goodwill, and slow and ritualistic negotiations; while, low context cultures put business first, value expertise and performance (as opposed to relationships), and negotiate as efficiently as possible. Consumers and suppliers may feel some resentment or suspicion toward a foreign enterprise, especially within high context cultures where no relationships exist; therefore acting like a block, local competitors have local advantages regarding business culture, relationships with local suppliers, and customer loyalty. This is why Asian guanxi meant more than a written contract some years ago; however, they have changed as more Western companies have infiltrated China’s borders.”

If you think about how much different Western and Asian cultures are based on the above statement, you realize how much men and women think differently from each just because of their inherent traits, adding the cultural differences between Asians and Westerners too, it’s a wonder that any relationship between a Chinese woman and a Western man can survive over the long term. It truly takes experience for relationships, trust, compatibility, attraction, devotion, tolerance and commitment. A warm feeling is not a good confirmation of love. Feelings change everyday depending on your mood, health, attitude and energy level. Love doesn’t change everyday – it stays the same, you just need to know how to attract it to you so that you can have it in your life. It’s always there waiting for you to take it. You must know where to find it and how to keep it once you have it. When you have found it, you will then only know what real love is. Until then, it’s just what we imagine in our minds.


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