Pollution Problems

China has the distinction of having the worst air and water pollution in the world (see the dark red color on the map below). How will this effect China in the long-term remains entirely up to the Chinese government who is not chosen by the people of China. The fate of the 1.4 billion Chinese living in this part of world hinges on the actions of the Communist controlled party. If something isn’t done soon, the country could face a major catastrophe that is might not fully recover from. Are you doing what you can to help clean up China? Let’s hope for cleaner China in the future.

5 responses to “Pollution Problems

  1. I do not know how foreigners feel as they live in China.But to me,each time,I have the chance to visit foreign country.I feel,as people are giving China Big Thumb Up,China,in some extent,lost her tranquility.The city looks really new and modern,but it is very hard to find a peaceful and clean place to sit.And as sometimes,we are over consuming,we make a lot of waste and pollution.I do not know Law or government rules will help more.To me,I just think why we cannot do all we can before there is no clean water.—Magic

  2. hi,am coming!good words here!i will come here again,again,and again!haha

  3. I firmly believe the Chinese will do the dirty job-clean up china by themselves with money of the world, initiative of its people and motivation from communist party. As Mao Zedong said “Zi4 Li4 Geng1 Sheng1”- we can only count on ourselves by seeking resources and finding a solution.
    China is a country which has never been colonised historically, the Chinese people has its own cultural identity and national pride. Even we speak a lot on how Chinese has been occidentalised during the decade, I think the foundation lying on its oriental proverb-style culture and Chinese (language) communication has never been destroyed. That is totally different from africain or latin-american countries, which are in total immersion of occidental manners; hence, we can partially explain the incomprehension between Chinese government and china political prospects of Obama. Diplomats execute their decisions based on their country’s logics. “The” logics are built up based on their cultures. I think, we can only orient others by establishing bilateral dialogues on certain issue, but not impose our own idea. That will go far to a psychological aspect if we continue analysing how to obtain a successful result. Of course the politicians are not psychologist; they act on the favour of THEIR people. Then we talk about china national pride, it might go further and turn to nationalism, I reasoned that if we reduced proportionally demographic and geographic size of china, then it would have minor difference from that of Italian or Spanish. We focus so much on China because it is big and playing a main role in world trade/economics, the whole world is concerned, especially, on the aspect of its environmental influences.
    Personally, I am not freaked out by critiques on china’s current environmental disasters, neither pride (with posture of head-up) of its fast grown GDP. It is still a long way to go for China.
    China definitely needs help and consideration from industrialized countries. Perhaps, 2 ways to help- First, give media coverage to those critical issues in order to remind the government and call for attention of Chinese onboard. Second, offer financial support to ongoing projects destined for environmental improvement. Note here for the 2 proposals: speak out the problem with an overture but not with the posture of arms crossed or whatever, Chinese might be the most sensible ethnics on earth, the people re-act positively on good terms.
    Hopefully, the media succeed in calling initiative of whole Chinese nation and also in giving useful advice. Personal movement such as taking public transport in stead of driving private car, consume products with less packaging/wrapping or recycle garbage etc may amend a national behaviour progressively. “The person who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones”. With national Initiative, at least China will not get dirtier in very near future, and then we expect the improvement will be more spectacular.
    I am not in favour of waiting for an outcoming amendment to china constitution to regularize behaviour of human etre, definitely, it works in the way, but it should bring a better effect much quicker if we start to behave based on self-discipline. I have no doubt on motivation of communist party for developing a better environment in China, but I believe that it might take a little more time to put everything on good track.

  4. Well said Amelia. I agree with you that we all need to do our share to reduce pollution. While living in the USA, I never used public transportation because I always had a car. Now, I don’t have a car and use pubic transportation or walk everyday to get around this city. I am recycling more and using less; I’m doing my part in helping keep Mother Earth clean enough for a few thousands years more.

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