Life is our best teacher

“Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, and the lesson afterwards.”

~Vernon Law

There are many ways we can learn in life – from books, teachers, friends, experiences, TV, newspapers, etc. The best teacher of all is life itself. This is why as we get older, we realize that we know so very little about life, but when we are young we think we know so much. As I grow older and experience life in a new country (China), I become more humbled by life because I see it in a way that I never would or could before when I was living in America.


4 responses to “Life is our best teacher

  1. I think the most interesting way to learn life is by experience, because we are 100% involved, it is no more a simulation/case analysis in class. We are the scenarist and actor of our own serials. When we devote to something so deeply, the joy and pain we draw will be remarkable. But it is also the toughest way. Everybody doesn’t have the courage to step into a new society. And those who dare to do so; they only have 2 choices to make themselves survival: take the joy of it and to be sustainable; step backward to be a coward, and then survive without sparks in eyes. I share the same sentiment with you, as we get older, we realize that we know so very little about life. I am so happy for my revelation, and realize that I am getting mature as for I start to observe the life and also absorb the fortune out of it by being humble.

  2. paridhi agrawal

    life is a continuous journey and ends at our death. at every stage we learn a lot either by getting failure or by getting success. both teaches us that to countinue our journey. not matters whether you are loser or winner.

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