How much is enough?

Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them.

– Unknown

When I make a new friend, I always try my best to show sincerity, honesty and genuine interest in them. I want them to know the real me as soon as possible so they can decide if I am suitable for them or not. So, when I meet someone for the first time and I see they are not the same as I am to them, I will never pursue a friendship/relationship with them.
In the process of meeting someone new, I have an expectation that they will do as I do but this is not the way life is. We need to accept people as they are and let everything happen naturally. If two people are compatible for each other, then everything will work out. You can’t force something to occur just because you want it to. Don’t expect too much from life and you’ll never be disappointed.


2 responses to “How much is enough?

  1. It is good to be sincere with friends,I think it is the basic requirment for ppl who want to build friendships. For the expectation, I guess ppl are easy to have that kind of feeling,it is normal and take it easy if it is not as the expectation you wanted. Yes, let things happen naturally… it’s the best way to go; just remember ppl have their chance and right to decide to go on making friends with you or not and of course you have right to do it as well :D, if you expect this friendship to grow but it isn’t as what you expected, the best thing to do is to Forget it ! 😀

  2. We need to accept people as they are and put them in different place in our heart.—Magic

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