Room with (too much of) a view

Is this is the way public bathrooms are in China now? Not sure what is going on here – either the person in charge of the design likes looking at men urinate or the construction company had no idea what they were doing. Even two weeks after the restroom opened, no one can figure out a solution to end this embarrassment. One simple fix would be to install some roll-up shades that let the sunshine in but block the view from the outside. Inexpensive and fast.

Pictured is a public toilet on the first floor of the C1 building in a shopping mall of Jiefang Street in Hankou, Hubei Province that inexplicably was recently built with floor-to-ceiling windows that allow both users and passersby a complete look at one another.

A shopping mall employee said he was aware of the problem but “does not have time to deal with it.” The head of the property management office said he would tell the construction company to change the design, but offered no further specifics, only that the toilet has been in use for about 10 days.


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