Making the most of your life

About 15 years ago, I thought of a statement that summed up my complete view of life. If I had to write it as a quote, it would go like this…

“The difference of where you end up in life is determined by 3 key things when communicating with people: “WHAT you say to them…WHOM you say it to…and HOW you say it to them.”

or this,

“We get where we are in this life by our ability to make the best of whoever we meet, by saying the right words, with the the proper emotion, and at the most opportune time.”

If everyone had the same opportunity to meet someone important in life, say Bill Gates, Jackie Chan or Oprah Wingfrey – their fate concerning the meeting would be determined by WHAT they say, and HOW they say it. If you can’t captivate, convince and compel them, then you will lose the chance of a lifetime.


Go ahead...Write something. Your opinions are welcome.

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