Stealing hearts

“I’ll let you have my heart only if you’re skilled enough to know how to get inside of it and capture it.” ♥

~ James Filbird

If you can steal my heart, then I will surely never let you go from my life. Love is a 2-way street and takes action from both lovers to have any chance of capturing the other’s heart. When the timing and feeling is right, then two hearts can become as one.

6 responses to “Stealing hearts

  1. Beautiful post. And thank you so much for your comment, you totally made my day!

  2. You’re right. Hope you find your love.

  3. This is so true!

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  5. Waiting for un real killer! Are you strong enough to lead your life going on if your killer are getting bored one day ? Beautiful words for thought, bitter might be in reality. Anyway, i have troubles to make a choice between banality and elan. Thant might be the grand difference between man and woman.

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