One of the most beautiful songs ever written about a man who’s lovesick and heart broken over a woman he loved so much. The singer/songwriter, Dan Fogelberg was one of my favorite musicians. He died early in his life at age 56 from prostrate cancer. He was a good man and a gifted man for music. I’m so glad he left his beautiful gift of music for the world to enjoy.

Stood out in the rain
Let it soak me down
Before I called you…I called you.
Didn’t see me there
Hidden by the rain
Beneath your window…But I saw you.

Putting on your face before the
Mirror on the wall
Dreaming that the looking glass
was me…
Catching your fondest gazes
Living through your fickle phases
I love you.

And it’s getting easier each day
To weep about you
Harder every night to sleep without you
How many years must I be driven
By this dream
Of love with you?

Spend my dimes on phones
Trying just to talk but
You don’t answer…you let it ring.

Spend my nights alone
Catching falling stars to
Give to you, love,
They’re just for you.

For stars fall every time a
lover has to face the truth
And far too many stars have
fell on me.
And as they trail the skies
And burn their paths upon my eyes
I cry.


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