Don’t be fooled by love’s sweetness

“Sweet talk doesn’t always mean sweet heart. Don’t be

James Filbird


~ James Filbird

The only way to judge a person’s sweet words for you is to see them in action. It’s easy to SAY something to someone but it requires a lot more effort to DO something for them! Make sure the one who says they “love you” is sincere in everything they do for you and say to you. Don’t ever be fooled by love’s blinding effect.


3 responses to “Don’t be fooled by love’s sweetness

  1. It’s true. When someone says he/she loves you, you naturally take it as a promise, sort of. And put a bit of extra trust in that person.
    And when it appears that love was not as strong as claimed, here comes disappointment and a bitter experience.
    It’s a cool and a wise thing to take love without expectation 🙂 Hear someone loves you, smile and forget it 🙂 If love was authentic, that person will come back again with reminders and actions:)

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