The songstress of my heart

“A friend hears the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails.”

~ Unknown

You know you have a true friend when they can see and hear your inner expressions without you ever telling them anything.  When two people begin to see each other in one another, then they have reached the pinnacle of their earthly love. From that place in life, we can hear the songs in the hearts of those we truly love. Oh how I desire a woman who can sing the songs in my heart when I have long forgotten them. I can hear a lullaby in the distance now…


2 responses to “The songstress of my heart

  1. the most beautiful expression i have ever heard, remarkable because it is invented by unknown, which prove the power of public.) I am on the way to test whether i have met my real soulmate in life. Here i wrote dedicated to someone to whom i write since 2 months whom i have not yet met in real, i hope deeply inside that you understand the difficulties i confronted at present, hope a little more luck to me, which allows me to approach you in the very further.

  2. here you are, the three months’ anniversary for our history, men and women will never ever share the same kind of sentiment and the same way of appreciation. He steps forward much quicker than i planned, i thank a lot for his honesty and clarification. what a pity christmas for me. I, the first time, became a victime of love (if it ever exists for him).

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