Monthly Archives: January 2011

What’s holding you back from getting what you want?

“The world of achievement has always belonged to the optimist.”

~ J. Harold Wilkins

The meaning of Optimism: “an inclination to put the most favorable construction upon actions and events or to anticipate the best possible outcome.” Be an optimist and achieve just about anything you want to do in life. Do I need to say anymore?


Help yourself by helping others

“If you have not often felt the joy of doing a kind act, you have neglected much, and most of all yourself.”

~ A. Neilen

If you can’t spend some of your time helping others, then what are you living for? If you need reasons for helping others, just think of all the times that people have helped you during your lifetime and where you would be now without their help. Think of someone who needs your help and offer it to them. You’ll feel much better doing it…and so will they!

Relax and then realize

“Don’t seek, don’t search, don’t ask, don’t knock, don’t demand – relax. If you relax it comes. If you relax it is there.”

~ Osho

The harder you try to get what you want in life, the worse things turn out. Sometimes, you just need to let things come to you instead of you trying to force them into your life. It takes a lot of patience, faith in yourself and courage to do this but in the end, you will get what you deserve.

What is controlling you?

“He who reigns within himself and rules his passions, desires, and fears is more than a king.”

~ John Milton (1608-1674) English Poet

In life, we try to control many aspects of it that we actually cannot control. You should only focus on the things you can control, i.e., your passions, desires and fears. If you can learn to conquer this feat, then you will gain personal power, thusly achieving most anything that is within your ability.

What is stopping you?

“As we strive for success and a better quality of life, it is our duty is to proceed as if limits to our ability do not exist.”

~ James Filbird

The only way you can achieve financial success, good health, a happy family, lasting friendships and personal peace is to live as if there is nothing that can stop you from obtaining them. Learn how to do this from others who are already successful at doing them and also through positive thinking.

Do the best you can with what you have!

“I find that it is not the circumstances in which we are placed, but the spirit in which we face them, that constitutes our comfort.”

~ Elizabeth T. King

In our live’s, we can only do the best we can with what we have to work with. If you don’t have enough to work with, then wait until you have what you need before moving on. Don’t cheat others and don’t do anything illegal or immoral in your attempt to find comfort. You’ll never gain favor or good Karma if you do.

Life’s journey to the top

“One day in retrospect the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.”

~ Sigmund Freud

I often curse all the years of difficulties I’ve had in my life and continue to have but when I read Sigmund’s quote above, it puts everything into clear perspective, and I’m encouraged to keep pushing on. It reminds me that in life, it’s not reaching the top of the mountain that is most rewarding but rather the journey in getting there.