Does being “In Love” last forever?

“The difference between ‘Like’, ‘Love’ & ‘In Love’ is the same difference between ‘For Now’, ‘For A While’ & ‘Forever'”

~ Unknown

Everything is temporary in life – life itself, friendship, good times, bad times, memories, and even love.  All we can try to do is to prolong the inevitability of losing what we cherish the most in life. Concerning love, it’s important to understand what love means to you and that your partner understands it too. Two people who are “in love” is much different than loving each other. The difference stems from the commitment, desire, and action put forth to keep the love alive between them. So be sure and recognize the difference between liking someone, loving someone and being “in love” with someone and more importantly, make sure the one you are “in love” with does too. If you can do this successfully, you can obtain something that most only dream of having — true love. Have you done something special for the one you are “in love” with today? If not, do so. Let love reign!

7 responses to “Does being “In Love” last forever?

  1. Interesting. I would reverse the definitions for “love” and “in love”. I normally think of “in love” as meaning the chemical reaction variety of love, which I don’t think always endures.

    • Interesting point you make. To me, “in love” means you’re actually involved in the process of loving. Love is more about the idea of love and what it means to you in terms of how you reveal it to others. “In love” is action (adjective) while “love” is something you speak of (noun).

      The most important thing to know about what each one means is that your partner knows the difference and that you demonstrate both actions of love to them.

  2. Maybe I’m too young to understand what true love is. To me, love is to consider the one I love firstly, happy for his happiness and success, painful for his pain and sadness, better myself to understand him well and make sure I can protect him from his weakness, depression and accidents. Love him for not only his good aspects: from respecting him, learning from him, but also from knowing his shortcomings, understanding and accepting them, ready to protect him from his own weaknesses, inspire and energize him.
    True love means two different people recognize each other from a crowd, combining two different worlds to be a bigger one, becoming a better couple, having more things in common throughout your lives together.
    True love should be responded to, being loved back; one sided love may make people happy at times but most of the time it’s harmful and is just a never ending sad story.
    Some very lucky ones can get lasting love but most of the time love fades away with time which is a reality of life. However, when you do meet your soul mate, you should do all you can to prolong love with wisdom and by giving your true heart.

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  5. I it a beautiful thing being inlove and alot of hard work. It’s a joy to have, a blessing I’ve never thought I would encounter, but have. I am very grateful that I have this with somebody, but there are good times and there are bad times, but knowing they will stick by you till the end is an amzing and wonderful feeling. Great blog! 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by and making such a nice comment about my blog posting and blog. I agree with you about your thoughts of love. Please come back more often and feel free to comment anytime you like. I suggest you subscribe to my blog so I can hear from you more often. 🙂

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