I’ll pass on the pleasure

“Maturity is achieved when a person postpones immediate pleasures for long-term values.”

~ Joshua L. Liebman

You can’t grow into a wise, admirable and capable person if you’re not willing to invest in the time and energy it takes to learn the necessary requirements to become a mature being. As we travel along life’s path, we encounter situations and circumstances that allow us to mature. Sometimes, we are faced with making choices that involve doing something that would mature us over doing something that would bring us instant gratification and/or some reward. If you accept the instant pleasures, then you are short-changing yourself. Choose to grow through maturity, which is always more rewarding, more inspirational, and more fulfilling.

5 responses to “I’ll pass on the pleasure

  1. very nice post as always! thanks a lot!

  2. Delaying emotional gratification is a sign of emotional intelligence. Quite the challenge in our “instant” society!

    • Well said Beverly. Part of being wise is having intelligent emotions. Being head smart is not enough to know what is always best for us due to the fact that we are in a constant state of visual and audible influences.

  3. Being mature is much harder than just being happy instantly; sometimes we know clearly what we should do but it’s just so hard to accept and act on them.
    So, growing up also means overcoming instant desires and following guts with wisdom…not with feelings.

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