Struggling for a better life

Solo Golden Tree

“It’s far better to struggle for the future than not to and have regret for the past.”

~ James Filbird

Most everyone aspires for a life that is easy-going, worry-free, full of joy, health and happiness. The idea of suffering, experiencing sorrow, and having to struggle to get by in life is not what humans desire but what most experience. Since struggling in life for most of us is a norm and not an exception, we should accept this fact and do our best to aspire for what we can control as we deal with our adversities  — living a life without regret. The pains you suffer from as you struggle through life are usually forgotten or erased by the joys, accomplishments, and the peace you find along the path of life. Do your best to bear the pains of struggling as you live your life and without regret, and you’ll live a life that is admirable, attractive, abundant, astonishing and accomplished. Amen!


2 responses to “Struggling for a better life

  1. another very inspiring post! thanks a lot!

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