Working hard or hardly working?

Polish-American cosmetics industrialist Helena...

Cosmetics Industrialist Helena Rubinstein

“The things I’ve done in my life have required a lot of years of work before they took off.”

~ Steve Jobs

“I believe in hard work. It keeps the wrinkles out of the mind and spirit.”

~ Helena Rubinstein

Working hard has been my way life for the past 30+ years. It wasn’t my original plan from the beginning, but life often has its own plan that has nothing to do with our own plans. Looking back at the past 30 years and thinking about all the personal pain, crushed dreams, sadness, loss of money, and bittersweet victories I’ve experienced, I can honestly say that all of them have made me what I am today — a more complete man. All of us are a result of all the many things we have experienced in our lives. And according to some, we are exactly where we are supposed to be right at this moment. The one thing that has kept me pushing on when I felt like giving up was the fact that I’ve had an able mind and body. As long as we have the ability to move forward in this world, we should! This is the only way you will ever see the rewards from all your efforts and perseverance. Things take time that are really worth obtaining. So, don’t be afraid to work hard and endure the pains along the way. It’s actually good for you! You just might end up becoming more beautiful intellectually and spiritually from it.

5 responses to “Working hard or hardly working?

  1. I want to do something significant that won’t make me feel lonely or disappointed anymore. Since I graduated from university, I feel I am a tired traveler who doesn’t have a confirmed aim in life and is full of worry in my heart — to the point where I lock myself in my house and cry.
    My heart is so weak lately that I’ve lost myself in a trap. I need to work hard so I can drive the wrinkles out of my mind and spirit. Thanks Jim!

  2. Read an article online, it says to get a job you do love,you are happy from 8:00am to 7:00 pm, to have a relationship with the one you do love, you are happy from 7:00 pm to 8:00 am.
    We should work hard, life is short, and we should make contribution to value it, and leave traces to prove that we are living, we are doing something, we are giving, and also getting.

    • Well said Angel. It’s important that we do what we love and love what we do at work and at home. Making time for the people who are important to you is the greatest sacrifice one can make in life to another. If you give your time to those who really appreciate it most, then you will surely leave traces that leave both you and the others with liveliness.

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