Reaching the other side of life

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

~ Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield

“Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid.”

~ Basil King

What’s stopping you from getting what you want in your life? It’s probably yourself. It may not be your lack of effort, but your methodology. It may not be a lack of real desire, but your mental attitude. It may not be the amount of devotion you give, but a lack of persistence. In order to break through to the other side of life and find that peaceful place you dream of, you need to penetrate the wall of fear. Fear is a great motivator but peace, love, and harmony are greater motivators. Choose to be motivated by all the beautiful things that conquer fear. If you can be this bold, you’ll break through to the other side of life with the all the mighty forces you need to experience a slice of heaven on earth. Empower yourself each and every day and discover a new you that can DO! DO! DO!


2 responses to “Reaching the other side of life

  1. For the first time I saw jack Canfield. Thanks to you. I really appreciate it. Have a prosperous New year Do extend my greetings to your family. 😀

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