Say nothing and hear everything

“Don’t speak unless you can improve on the silence.”

~ Spanish Proverb


Vision of Silence

This is a very powerful statement if you really stop to ponder it. How many of us can remain silent for the sake of not saying something that is better than the silence itself. In silence, we can find inner peace, listen to our soul, hear all the things around us, and most of all we can rest our mind. When was the last time you said nothing while in the presence of others or even when alone? Try listening to yourself today and everyday for at least 15 minutes and see yourself transform into something lovely. While in this meditative state, listen carefully to your mind and soul for an awe inspiring message that could lead you to somewhere beautiful in your life. I can’t hear you and it’s a good thing. Shhh…stop now and listen to yourself. 


6 responses to “Say nothing and hear everything

  1. thank you for the reminder 🙂

  2. Especially while I’m deep in thought, I appreciate the sound of silence. I rarely turn on music on the TV just for “background noise” as tempting as it is. I found that at first sitting in silence felt awkward, but when I was opening to just listening it became the most natural feeling ever!

    • Well said Stephanie. It’s amazing what we can hear when we actually allow ourselves to listen in silence. Our lives are constantly full of noise which makes it nearly impossible to hear our still, beating heart. If we don’t devote some time to just listening to our inner voice, then how can ever expect to hear what the best part of us is saying?

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