Tired of being bored?

“I’ve got a great ambition to die of exhaustion rather than boredom.”

~ Angus Grossart

Sir Angus Grossart

Are you bored today with nothing to do? If you’re bored in life and can’t think of any reason to find something to do, then do something for the sake of having something to do. Then you will be busy doing something that hopefully at least makes you tired, which is one of the attributes that measure our accomplishments in life. If we’re not working ourselves each day to the point of exhaustion, then we’re not being good stewards to our body. When we exercise our mind and body we are growing and producing something that can nourish and encourage us to do other things that give us motivation to live a more fruitful life. When we utilize the resources within our body to a great extent, it enables us to accomplish much more than if we’re sedentary. Whew! I’m getting tired from just the thought of having to do all the things I have to do today and everyday after.

6 responses to “Tired of being bored?

  1. Nothing to do? Impossible! Here are a few suggestions:

  2. It’s true it’s true
    the more I do the more I do.

    Thanks for the reminder that it’s good to keep busy… with balance of course, lol

    Love the opening quote, too, thanks for sharing.

  3. Ever since I left corporate, I’ve been even busier. Don’t remember the last time that I define as boring.

    It’s funny that you said busy doing something is “one of the attributes that measure our accomplishments in life”. Many of us have learned in our lives to pride ourselves of “being busy”. While I tried to stay away from that mentality and try to do the things that make impacts, on me or on others. And holy cow, there are so many “impactful” things to do that I haven’t had a chance to find a boring moment. 🙂

  4. Good to hear from you Jean and glad you’re keeping busy. Do stop by here soon again and let me know how everything is going.

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