Sure, it’s possible!

“When nothing is sure, everything is possible.”

~ Margaret Drabble (1939-)  English Novelist

Not sure what you want in life or how to get it? Having a clean slate with regard to what is possible or not is the first step in finding what you want. Another very important element to getting what you want in life is a positive attitude that gives you the momentum each day to persistently progress. To do this, you need to treat everyday as if it is a party and you’re celebrating all the opportunities you have in life. Since everyday your alive is a gift for yourself and others, be sure and invite your friends and loved ones to your party everyday and celebrate life. Remember that it’s OK to get drunk on life and love because the hangover is healthy and heals whatever ails you. Party on!

Having a Ball

Special thanks to Tim Coffey for letting me use his illustration in this post.  You can view his blog at:

6 responses to “Sure, it’s possible!

  1. Thanks for the Pingback and the link to my blog. Nice post!
    Happy Day!

    Tim :0)

    • You’re welcome Tom. Your drawing really adds a punch to my posts. I would like to use more of your drawings when appropriate. Of course I will always include a Pingback to your blog when doing so.

  2. I come at this from an opposite direction yet arrive at the same place. I may not be here tomorrow. Indeed I may not even last the day. 🙂 So it’s a good idea to make sure today is a good one for all concerned. I’m not a big planner; in the main I’m quite contented where I am and life is full and satisfying. Of course I took certain steps to get to where I am, but that’s another story …

  3. Thanks for the comment Ben. It’s always good to hear from you and read your words of wisdom.

  4. I’d like to believe this post is dedicated ‘solely’ to me. I love this post.

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