Shaping your world

“This is your world. Shape it or someone else will.”

~ Gary Lew

Most of us spend our lives in reaction mode. We sometimes do things without giving much thought to the consequences. But you can change this habit and begin taking control of your life. Your destiny belongs to you, and you only. If you don’t choose your own paths and methods for arriving at your desired destination, then someone or something else will. Take charge of your life everyday by structuring it with a list of goals that are attainable and feasible for you to reach. Get others involved who can support you in any way possible so that you are more able to get where you want to be in life. Choose people who can be trusted, who are loyal and devoted to helping you reach your goals. Then, together, you will shape your  own life WITH their help and not BY them. Once you begin doing this, your passion and soul energy work together to give you the tools to create an extraordinary life by YOUR design. 

Magic Mushrooms

Special thanks to Tim Coffey for use of his illustration.


3 responses to “Shaping your world

  1. I love the picture. 😀

  2. Your words are a lamp unto my feet and a guiding light for my journey.

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