Total tolerance

“I believe with all my heart that civilization has produced nothing finer than a man or woman who thinks and practices true tolerance.”

~ Frank Knox

Accepting people as they are no matter how different they are from you is one of hardest things to do as human beings. There are division/differences in every aspect of life – culture, food, religion, dress, language, money, art, etc. Having enough tolerance to really appreciate these differences takes an awful lot of will, desire, intelligence and love. I have had to apply all of these actions into my life for the past six years while living in Asia. Everything here is different from where I came from. It took me a long time to accept the differences that exist in this part of the world. Living a more tolerant life has made me a better person; one who has an improved understanding of the human spirit and purpose for life. As you journey through this life, make a choice to accept something or someone that you never thought you could accept or something you never considered doing before. You’ll really be amazed at just how much you grow from the experience. Can you tolerate that?

Tolerant Beauty

Special thanks to Tim Coffey for use of his illustration.

10 responses to “Total tolerance

  1. Just like me in India,it took me almost half year to get used to this hot and dry weather!

  2. the spicy and weird food、the Indian accent English……

    • You did much better than me Nanthy. It took me 2 years to adjust to living in China. In fact, I am still getting used to some of the cultural habits here but adjusting little by little. India would be a real challenge for me I believe. I’ll have to give it a try at some point.

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  4. Some folk are easy to like, or even love. Others require a little more effort. Onward and upward! (On a good day, anyway. 😀 )

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