The rainbow rule

The work will wait while you show the child the rainbow, but the rainbow won’t wait while you finish the work.

~ Pat Clifford

If you have a child(ren) in your life, then be sensitive to the fact that time won’t wait for you to find time to spend with them. Make a daily effort to spend time with your offspring so they can grow up in a way that you want them to grow up. Children are directly effected by how much effort we put into their lives. This effort comes from your commitment to make the time to help them become people you will be proud of and who will be proud of you for all the time you give to them. The best use of your time is the time you give to others; so make sure you give more time to the ones you bring into this world than those who don’t matter as much to you in the end. Put children before your work so they can enjoy the many colors of the rainbow and more importantly, your colors.

Rainbow Children

13 responses to “The rainbow rule

  1. Hi friend! Thanks for the comment on SSBlog! Glad you enjoyed mine as I did yours. Happy Friday!

  2. I agree with you with 100%. There is a popular Chinese saying: 上梁不正下梁歪 which translated into English means, “A child’s beginning comes from their parents since they imitate them in all ways.”

  3. That’s a great quote and a great post!

  4. Great quote and post, and very true. As a family, we have gone from two parents working full time, to one parent working part time. Money is tight, yes, but we get to spend precious, precious time with our children. I hope that we can always find time for the rainbow.

  5. Isn’t a matter of priority? While most are trained to think that work goes before anything else, I’d say any “thing” can wait in the face of a life.

  6. In Arabic we say( home is the real school for a child) then the public school.Nice post l enjoyed reading .regards.Jalal Michael

  7. Boy is this ever true! My son and firstborn will graduate from high school in just about six months. i am not normally an emotional fellow, but thinking about the fact that he is nearly grown causes me some issues. I have taken time to spend with both my children, but I don’t believe you can ever do that too much. They need to know you care enough to set aside things to spend time with them.

  8. It’s so cute! 🙂
    This post reminded me, when I studied in college, I’d often go to my relatives’ house to study for the exams.
    They had a cozy home full of small kids :))
    Kids would always come to me and want to play and grab my things 😀
    But I was surprised to discover that taking a few moments off my work and giving them to kids instead were actually fun and felt nice! 🙂
    Kids really don’t need that much of attention, they just want to know that we noticed them and then they proceed happily with their own games 🙂

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