It depends upon

“A man is not much if he can’t depend on himself, and nothing if others can’t depend on him.”

~  Benjamin Black

There’s a school of psychology which holds that happiness is subjective. Good or bad things happen in life, but people return to the same base level of happiness. Researchers found evidence that people adapt completely to marriage, divorce, widowhood, birth of a child, and layoffs.

Death of a spouse, for instance, is a terrible event characterized by a radical drop in happiness, but in the year that follows happiness rises, and within two years happiness returns to normal and may even rise above the baseline (as the subject gets caught in another hedonic cycle). A similar hedonic pattern follows most negative events—and positive ones too. People get over them. In almost every unhappy situation that people are faced with, the happiness level reverts to the baseline. 

Because people have the strength to eventually rebound after any tragedy, they can depend on themselves, and others can depend on them to get them through the difficult times in life. Choose to be a happy person no matter what happens in your life and people will know they can depend on you. It just depends on you.

Happiness is a Choice

9 responses to “It depends upon

  1. That was an excellent post today. Thanks so much for sharing it. I really enjoyed reading it very much. You have a wonderful day!

  2. That’s a great quote Jim! I really like this post!

  3. I completelly agree. Life has a way of returning to happiness whatever the cost may be!

  4. Nice article. I think happiness for most of us is a choice. Some folks though don’t have the chemical makeup in the brain to be happy. 🙂

    • Happiness is a state of mind, an attitude one chooses no matter what situation they are in. We all have the chemicals in our body to choose how we respond to a situation — it’s just a matter of using your brain to get those chemicals to the proper places in your body. 😉

  5. I agree, happiness is a choice, but perhaps some are too lazy to work on the right state of mind to achieve it. It’s so much easier to feel miserable and victimized. We have to decide to be happy, we have to decide to be positive. Great post and food for thought!
    Lada 🙂

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