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Is your reality real?

“Most everyone’s reality is a blend of their past experiences, their expectations, and what they think they see or feel. This, unfortunately is not true reality at all. Many events we witness or are exposed to are not exactly as we think they are. So in fact, life just full of instances and visions clouded in mystery and untruths based on one’s own view of reality. Therefore, everyone’s reality is what they want it to be, not what it truly is.”

~ James Filbird


Birthday boy

Today is my birthday. All I want for my special day today is to one day be included in the list below of famous Pisceans (people born under the Pisces astrological star) before I leave this world. To be in this list of famous and inspiring individuals would be both an honor and a dream come true. Ironically, many of these people are my favorites in their respective fields. Ex: Steve Jobs and Michael Dell (entrepreneurs), Albert Einstein and Joseph Pulitzer (visionaries), George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Aretha Franklin and Elton John (musicians), Michaelangelo (artists), George Washington and Constantine the Great (leaders/statesmen), Arthur Schopenhauer and Longfellow (writers/philosophers), Tony Robbins (speakers), Ansel Adams (photographers), Shaquille O’Neal and Mario Andretti (sports), and most all the actors listed below are among my favorites. I urge you to you look up what famous people were born under your astrological star sign and see if it inspires you. Even if you don’t believe in astrology, it’s quite interesting to see what other great people throughout history share your astrological sign.

George Washington
Al Gore
Gloria Steinem
Yitzhak Rabin
Pat Nixon
John Connally
Ted Kennedy
Chelsea Clinton *
Michael Eisner
Rupert Murdoch
Sam Donaldson
Edward Kennedy
John F. Dulles
Ralph Nader
Alan Greenspan
Mikail Gorbachev
Czar Alexander III
Constantine the Great
William Westmoreland
Prince Andrew
Prince Edward
Earl Warren
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Cardinal Roger Mahoney *
Neville Chamberlain

Frederic Chopin
George Harrison
Karen Carpenter
Kurt Cobain
Billy Corbin
Johnny Cash
James Taylor
Fred Neil
Chris Rea
Vanessa Williams
Yoko Ono
Josh Groban *
Andrew Lloyd Weber
Sir Elton John
Neil Sedaka
Aretha Franklin
Al Jarreau
Nat “King” Cole
Lawrence Welk
Dexter Gordan
Fats Domino
Eric Clapton
Al Green
Julian Lennon
Steven Tyler
Smokey Robinson
Herbie Mann
Michael Bolton
Jon Bon Jovi
Mark McGrath
Queen Latifah
Roger Daltrey

Auguste Renoir

Sidney Poitier
Drew Barrymore
Bruce Willis
Jackie Chan
Eddie Murphy
Marlon Brando
Conan O’Brien
David Letterman
Andy Garcia
Ashley Judd
Sandy Duncan
Ivana Trump
Rex Harrison
Lee Marvin
Ed McMahon
Sam Donaldson
Robert Downey Jr.
Christopher Walken
Warren Beatty
Vince Vaughn
Zeppo Marx
Fred (Mr.) Rogers
Joan Bennet *
Joanne Woodward *
Cyd Charisse
Dennis Quaid
Gary Sinise
Benicio Del Toro
Buffalo Bill Cody
Robert Conrad
Cindy Crawford
Jennifer Love Hewitt
John Travolta
Rob Lowe
Peter Fonda
Elizabeth Taylor *
Usula Andress
Bernadette Peters
Sharon Stone
Harry Belafonte
Peter Graves
Jerry Lewis
Ron Howard
Rob Reiner
Sherilyn Fenn
Jessica Biel
William Demarest *
Jim Backus
Jackie Gleason
William Hurt
Freddie Prinze Jr.
Emmanuel Lewis
Margaux Hemingway
Chuck Norris
Liza Minnelli
Holly Hunter
William H. Macy
Billy Crystal
Michael Caine
Eva Longoria
Bernardo Bertolucci
J.Z. Knight
Kurt Russell
Glenn Close
Spike Lee

Albert Einstein
Alexander Graham Bell
Steve Jobs
Michael Dell
Tony Robbins
Joseph Pulitzer
Linus Pauling
Nicolaus Copernicus

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow *
Irwin Shaw *
Arthur Schopenhauer
Elizabeth B. Browning
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Philip Roth
John Updike
Jack Kerouac
W.H. Auden
Anais Nin
Tom Wolfe

Gene Sarazen *
James Worthy *
Raymond Berry *
Mario Andretti
Bobby Fischer
Vance Johnson
Bobby Unser
Charles Barkley
Shaquille O’Neal
Vijay Singh
Mia Hamm
Bobby Orr
Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
Dr. Julius Irving
Jackie Joyner-Kersee

A. Armstrong-Jones
Ansel Adams

* denotes those born on 2/27 which is my birth date.

Struggling for a better life

Solo Golden Tree

“It’s far better to struggle for the future than not to and have regret for the past.”

~ James Filbird

Most everyone aspires for a life that is easy-going, worry-free, full of joy, health and happiness. The idea of suffering, experiencing sorrow, and having to struggle to get by in life is not what humans desire but what most experience. Since struggling in life for most of us is a norm and not an exception, we should accept this fact and do our best to aspire for what we can control as we deal with our adversities  — living a life without regret. The pains you suffer from as you struggle through life are usually forgotten or erased by the joys, accomplishments, and the peace you find along the path of life. Do your best to bear the pains of struggling as you live your life and without regret, and you’ll live a life that is admirable, attractive, abundant, astonishing and accomplished. Amen!

Imagery becomes reality

La conscience

Dream Imagery

“The images we create of ourselves that people all over the world see is their reality of us. With this power, our responsibility to others should be to transmit truth, virtue and nobility.”

~ James Filbird

Everybody wants to win, be heard and understood, and in doing so overlook the fact that we can damage both ourselves and others in this pursuit. Since things always start at the level of thought or perception or feeling, controlling the images we create of ourselves must be a conscience act. Right now, today, choose to make a friend, make a difference, and make a different world possible for all of us. Start by creating a reality of yourself that others see you from which compels them to imagine themselves as a part of your image. Be a mirror image of them. Imagine that if you can.

The diet to die for

“A healthy soul needs a steady diet of dreaming, adventure, creativity, friendship, pleasure, and love.”

~ James Filbird

If you want to have a healthy soul that will enable you to truly enjoy all that life can bring you, then follow this diet plan: 
1) A daily dose of dreams that inspire and motivate you
2) An adventure or two each year to someplace exotic and exciting
3) A mixture of creativity, i.e., writing, drawing, painting, singing, dancing, etc.
4)  A batch of friends who will always support and criticize you when you need it
5) An endless amount of pleasure as long as it doesn’t hurt you or anyone else 
6) Sweet love that is shared with all and is never taken for granted 

Instructions: Mix together vigorously each and everyday with passion, purpose, pride and with playful people who enjoy feeding their soul just as much as you do.

Note: This diet is not fattening, but will cause spiritual obesity. Followed properly, this diet will add more years to your life!

What is stopping you?

“As we strive for success and a better quality of life, it is our duty is to proceed as if limits to our ability do not exist.”

~ James Filbird

The only way you can achieve financial success, good health, a happy family, lasting friendships and personal peace is to live as if there is nothing that can stop you from obtaining them. Learn how to do this from others who are already successful at doing them and also through positive thinking.

What are you a slave to?

“Being busy is good. Being busy making money is better. Being busy with your closest friends is best!”

~ James Filbird

Each day we’re busy living our lives doing things that take up our time. Because we need to make time for anything that needs to be done, we should use our time very wisely. Make enough money in life so you can live happily but never be a slave to it. If you’re a slave to the things that take up most of your time, then you can’t do the very best thing with your time that doesn’t cost any money – being with your friends. Don’t be a slave to the things that take you away from your friendships and family. Memories with friends and family are with you forever and they can’t be bought anywhere, anytime, nor at any price.

Don’t be fooled by love’s sweetness

“Sweet talk doesn’t always mean sweet heart. Don’t be

James Filbird


~ James Filbird

The only way to judge a person’s sweet words for you is to see them in action. It’s easy to SAY something to someone but it requires a lot more effort to DO something for them! Make sure the one who says they “love you” is sincere in everything they do for you and say to you. Don’t ever be fooled by love’s blinding effect.

The future is forward

“The people in your past didn’t make it to your future for a reason. Forget about them!”

~ James Filbird

The only way to make progress in life is to move forward. You can’t see what’s ahead of you if you have your eyes fixed on what’s behind you. Sometimes a dear friend disappears from your life and wonder why as you are stuck living in the past. One of the best things you can do for them is wish them the best success while you are on your way to the future. Remember that people come and go out of your life and no one was meant to be together with you throughout your entire time on earth.

Life’s failures teaches us life lessons

“One of your best teachers in life is your last mistake.”

~ James Filbird

The more mistakes you make in life, the more opportunities you will have to learn from. Making mistakes produces something valuable – lessons. Actually, a mistake is really just something you tried to do one way but had a different result other than what you or someone else wanted. This is life – sometimes missing the mark. So, try not to think of mistakes as being something to be ashamed of but rather something to learn from so that you don’t repeat them ever again.

Part = Apart

“If you can only give a part of yourself to someone who completely loves you, then you must be apart from them.”

~James Filbird

If you really want the best chance for a great love relationship, then be sure and give all of yourself to the one you love. The hardest thing to do in life is to be in a relationship, so if you’re only partially in one, your chances for success are slim. Love is serious business and needs a good solid foundation based on dreams, desire, and devotion in order to have any hope of success.

The tantalizing tongue

“Words elicit emotions, use them wisely!”

~ James Filbird

All throughout history, in religious writings and in literature books, it has been written about how wise, powerful, mean, sweet, wicked, poisonous, attractive, tantalizing and tasty the tongue can be. It perhaps is the most dangerous part of who we are as humans. Remember to tame your tongue. It’ll make you more attractive.

Stealing hearts

“I’ll let you have my heart only if you’re skilled enough to know how to get inside of it and capture it.” ♥

~ James Filbird

If you can steal my heart, then I will surely never let you go from my life. Love is a 2-way street and takes action from both lovers to have any chance of capturing the other’s heart. When the timing and feeling is right, then two hearts can become as one.

Don’t worry, be happy!

“Don’t worry so much, the best things come when you expect them less.”

~ James Filbird

If you keep your life filled with many possibilities and options, then it is more difficult to keep track of everything going on in your life. Then, when something you really wanted appears in your life that you totally forgot about, you’re more thrilled because you didn’t hang on so tight to it for so long, instead…you let it go. It came to you as a reward for “allowing” it to happen and not “forcing” it to happen.

Making the most of your life

About 15 years ago, I thought of a statement that summed up my complete view of life. If I had to write it as a quote, it would go like this…

“The difference of where you end up in life is determined by 3 key things when communicating with people: “WHAT you say to them…WHOM you say it to…and HOW you say it to them.”

or this,

“We get where we are in this life by our ability to make the best of whoever we meet, by saying the right words, with the the proper emotion, and at the most opportune time.”

If everyone had the same opportunity to meet someone important in life, say Bill Gates, Jackie Chan or Oprah Wingfrey – their fate concerning the meeting would be determined by WHAT they say, and HOW they say it. If you can’t captivate, convince and compel them, then you will lose the chance of a lifetime.

Are you living your own life?

“Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define it yourself.”

~ James Filbird

Only you can tell yourself you can’t do something in life. No one should be making your decisions for you unless they care about you more than you care about yourself.

Dare to try!

“If you’re never scared or embarrassed or hurt, it means you never take any chances.”

~ James Filbird

In life you have to fall down a lot before you learn how not to fall. Don’t be afraid to take chances. Just remember that taking chances in life requires lots of consideration to avoid making wrong choices. Always look at all angles before making a choice and never make choices out of desperation!

Can You Tell a Story in Six Words?

1. Improve yourself and improve the world.
2. We become what we think about.
3. Life’s short. Share it with everyone.
4. Give more of yourself. It’s free!
5. Love is really all you need.
6. Before you chastise others, judge yourself.
7. Ultimately, give more than you take.
8. I can help you make money.
9. Enough said, I’m out of here!