Are you a strong person?

Physical strength is measured by what we can carry; spiritual, by what we can bear.

~ Unknown

I am strong because I have been able to bear many personal catastrophes in my life, not because I have big muscles. Real strength is when you can grow from the pain and suffering in your life and become a happy person from it all. It’s good to constantly exercise your mind, body and soul so that you can become a person who is admired and respected by your peers.

6 responses to “Are you a strong person?

  1. Relish the moments and enjoy life. Wish you happiness everyday:P

  2. Pity I am not a strong person even I am always hoping and trying to be more stronger both in body and in mind.—Magic

  3. No one is always strong.
    No one is always weak.
    We all need the power generated from the heart to support our weakness.
    We all need the experience of life to support our maturity.

  4. how can I to be a strong person?

  5. In my opinion, you have not do anything specical in order to become a strong person. Just bravely faces your lift and you are a strong person,now.

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