Psst…I have something to tell you.

Psst...I have something to tell you.

“I praise loudly; I blame softly.”

~ Catherine the Second (1729-1796) Russian Empress

When was the last time you made sure someone heard you loudly when you displayed your anger towards them or said something destructive to them? Can you think of the last time you raised your voice loudly to tell someone how much you care for them, to encourage them, compliment them, desire them, or how much you enjoy being with them? If you answered “recently” to the first question and “never” to second question, then today, you should tell someone you sincerely love or like that you really appreciate their friendship and love. And when you have something mean or negative to say to someone you really care about, make sure you do it quietly. Words can be very destructive. Shhh!

2 responses to “Psst…I have something to tell you.

  1. Read this post, I realized I did something wrong.
    It’s so true that we should say love loudly and say something mean quietly.

  2. words you serve to another are more easily digested if served softly (~_*)

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