Superhero status

“Every man has an obscure respect for courage in others, especially if it is moral courage, the rarest and most difficult sort of bravery… It makes the very brute understand that this man is more than a man.”

~ Passage from Life of Christ

Perhaps the most difficult thing for people to do is live a life that is full of moral courage. Most people aren’t even courageous at all let alone possess the kind of courage that makes powerful people think twice about how effective their kind of courage is. Do your best to increase and improve yourself in such a way that you are known by all people for your moral courage. With it, you’ll be able to make life around you so much better. Maybe to those around you, you’ll be considered a kind of superhero. Super (Moral) Courageous.

Nature Blooming

Special thanks to Tim Coffey for use of his illustration.

7 responses to “Superhero status

  1. ” Maybe to those around you, you’ll be considered a kind of superhero.”

    Perhaps not the ideal motivation for your aspiration to be morally courageous, 🙂

    • What’s wrong with being courageous of any sort? Not sure I get the gist of your meaning Ben.

      • Not meaning to be obscure. I’m saying that wishing to impress others, to be considered a kind of superhero, is not an ideal motivation for moral courage. Is it not better to be courageously moral because it springs from what the Taoist masters call “Natural Goodness” ?

      • Sure, I agree with you here Ben. My meaning in the post was that being courageous – no matter how you achieve it or wherever it comes from – will earn the respect of others who just might think of you as a superhero.

      • I did not think you were encouraging people to act to impress. It’s just that when I was deciding whether I should “Like” your post the possible ambiguity sprang to mind and then I felt uncomfortable without trying to clarify it, not for you but for others who might interpret it in that way.

      • Thanks for the clarification Ben, and always good to hear from you. Cheers!

  2. “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to face it.”
    -source unknown
    Thanks for the great quote and post. The hardest part about blogging is being true to yourself, instead of your audience.

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